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National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) is a typical metropolitan university with its campus located in the intersection of the lifeline of Taipei City and two green axes of the urban green network. In the past 20 years, the university has made much effort to create an eco-friendly campus, among which the project “Campus Green-belt” on Chung-hisao East Road side won the Taipei City “Urban Landscape Award” in 2006. Moreover, the “Planet Green” program of Discovery Channel had a special report on the eco-swale, eco-pond, green-wall, and the green building of the university in October, 2009.

The green architecture is an integrated and sustainable building with its own solar energy generating system and many devices which help to adjust the micro-climate. Further, the water cycle system and photonic system invented by our research team were applied to the design of the ecological campus. NTUT has proved itself capable of creating an ecological campus by integrating all sorts of green technology. With this practice, we hope to first extend our experience to neighboring communities, then the cities and finally realize the goal of green earth.

The establishment of the “Eco-Community” consists of four essential elements: Green materials and green energy, Eco-scenery design and environmental planning, Green building and eco-technology, and Environmental monitoring and resource recycling. The four elements construct an inseparable circle in which we take the research and development for the green materials as the first step, and later apply them to the design and planning of eco-scenery and green building. Afterwards, we can make adjustment according to the feedback from environmental monitoring system and in the end, create a zero-waste and sustainable eco-community by means of resource recycling.

With this vision, NTUT established “Center for the Development of Low-Carbon, Green Energy and Eco-Community (LEC)” under the leadership of President Tsu-Tian Lee. The Center embraces eight sub-research project : Green materials, Green energy, Eco-scenery, Environmental planning, Green building, Eco-technology, Environmental monitoring, and Resource recycling based on these four essential elements. Furthermore, the cooperation with six prominent research centers in Taiwan (Water Environment Research Center, Center of EMO Materials and Nanotechnology, Sustainable Environment and Green Building Research Center (SEGB) of NTUT, Research Center of Green Energy Batteries of Ming Chi University of Technology, Water Environment Conservation Center of Tungnan University, and Green Environment R&D Center of Vanung University) shows nothing but the close ties between NTUT and our partner universities in Taiwan in terms of research.